The Best 8 New Year's Resolution

Get in Shape: Stop putting off that gym membership or run with your best friend. It is time to get your heart healthy in 2017. Don’t get overwhelmed by this new addition to your daily schedule. Start small and do a little bit each week. Once you start seeing results, you will feel motivated to find more time in your busy day.

Reconnect with Family & Friends: It is easy to let your busy schedule get the best of you and forget about who truly matters. Spend this year making sure you catch up with old friends and family that you may have not spoken to in a bit. With today’s technology, it is easier than ever to chat by text or Facebook. Reestablishing that social connection is crucial to happier and healthier you.

Quit a Bad Habit:  Don’t let the past stand in your way from making a change in the future. Whether the vice is smoking, wine, or an addiction to morning Starbucks, it is time to focus on how you carve a positive path for yourself. Find your motivation and push towards the finish line.

Save Some Extra Money: It is the simplest things that can help you save more every day. Maybe you walk or ride your bike to work, or find a friend to share the commute. Pack a bag lunch or cook dinner at home to help save on those high take out bills. You can also explore a better credit card that gives points back for every dollar spent. At the end of the year, you can cash these in for real money.

Reduce Stress: The contributions to your lack of energy and high anxiety levels could be caused by long hours in the office, too little sleep, bad eating habits, or no time for physical activity. Identify what is creating this extra pressure and see what can be done to reduce it. You are the only one who can take a step toward finding a better you.

Volunteer: There is nothing better than giving back to those who are in need. Whether it is one day of being at a nursing home or a weekly commitment to the Boys & Girls Club; this time will help you feel like you made a difference and add good to your life. Don’t underestimate the power in giving back.

Add More Hours of Sleep: It isn’t brand new information that a good night’s sleep can change everything about your day. Sleep may be more beneficial to your health than you realize. Less than 6-7 a night will take a toll on your appearance, could lead to a greater risk in obesity and affect your work productivity.

Make A Travel Bucket List: With another year, comes the list of things you wish to accomplish. Many want to embark on an adventure and see a new part of the world they haven’t seen before. Create a list of the top places you wish to see and start researching where to go and when. Your travel plans might not all fit into this coming year but it will help you to get excited about what is to come next.