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IBA is a data-driven and client-focused TPA that simplifies your healthcare experience while reducing costs.


IBA offers innovative solutions for our clients from our vast network of providers.

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At IBA, we help create healthier companies that power a brighter future.

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"Working with IBA has been a pleasure in every way and has allowed our company to reduce healthcare costs while keeping us informed every step of the way. The excellent member support provided by IBA has increased our employee satisfaction and improved our overall benefits administration. Working with IBA is like working with family."

— Northeast Educational Organization

"As a long standing client of IBA’s, we have been experiencing excellent service for many years. We have saved considerable dollars on our benefit plan with IBA from past arrangements. We are very comfortable that our employees are being handled by a professional and competent staff at IBA."

National Manufacturing Firm

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Does my IBA administered health plan cover the test for COVID-19? All IBA health plans will waive member cost sharing, including copayments, coinsurance and deductibles, for appro
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Protect Your Skin
Over time, exposure to the sun has an affect on our skin. We develop wrinkles and age spots, but there’s also a more serious concern – skin cancer. Protect your skin to help
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